Saturday, August 23, 2008

My European Trip 7 -- Frankfurt

Nobody would recommend Frankfurt as a place of interest before my journey; they said that Frankfurt is just another Manhattan in Europe. It possibly is in an European's eye; but the city still brought me surprises at the first sight. And the unforgettable memory on my last day in Europe.

To be exact, the city should be called by its full name "Frankfurt am Main", since there is another Frankfurt (significantly smaller) in Germany. Situated on the river Main, Frankfurt is one of the largest financial centers in the world, also the residence of European Central Bank and several large commercial banks such as Deutsche Bank.

I stayed in a hotel across the central train station, which is close to the financial district and the river Main. The time I went out happened to be rush hours when people got off work. So I saw many professionals -- with business suites and ties -- riding bikes. Here bicycling is simply a transportation tool rather than a sport. To tie the fluttering lower pants, someone used amusing red threads, someone chose colorful clips. Other bikers include women with extra long skirt or with miniskirt. So many bikers along River Main! What a scenery!

The old town square, Römerplatz.


The Logo of a Nutcracker Soldier Store.


Another logo of a tourism store.


Fountain of Justice Goddess who has a simple balance with hand showing fairness.


A street in the old town.


Many Europeans are natural gardener, especially the Dutch. They always use beautiful flowers to decorate their balconies.

The Euro 2008 champion tournament final was in two days, between Germany and Spain. Everywhere I saw the national flags of Germany, in the balcony, on people's faces and bags. Someone even wrapped her puppet with a Germany flag.


Frankfurt is the only city in Germany with many high-rise buildings. Let's now see its modern side.


Frankfurt is a city under continuous construction ever since World War II.


The first good impression on Frankfurt is its taxi. Getting out of the train station, I saw a long waiting line of taxis. All of them were Mercedes-Benz, with a color of beige, and with their Benz logos shining in the sun. In the late July I also visited Stuttgart, residence of Porsche and BMW. As far as I know, Germany on the whole has the best taxi in the world.

Indeed, German men are said to love their cars better than their wives, at least spending more time with cars. Do you believe so?

Smart cars. Like them or not, they can at least easily find a parking. :)


Next Stop: Bonn

Photographed by Jennie Bai.

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