Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Turkey Fantasia

I go again to the sea and converse with Shadow
whose verses like the Mediterranean coast roll along
so wide and subdued: waves that wait for the ice to break. 
    -- Adapted from a poem by Marin Sorescu

(Antalya, Konyaalti Beach)



I heard that this is a city with many legends, a city which witnessed the glory of the Ottoman Empire, the only city across Asia and Europe...  People knowing this city often refer to the novels by Nobel laureate Pamuk... I should have quite expectation for my Turkish trip!

Yet I was surprised to find myself being equanimous facing to Turkey fantasia. I enjoyed seeing, walking, eating, and almost everything. But clearly there was light ineffable sorrow in my smile. I am not sure what I was sad about, maybe I know it in the subconscious mind.

I walked silently in the mosques. Arabic words, colorful and cursive, permeated my eyes. But where is Allah? Dear dear Allah, please show me the road!

(Istanbul, Sultanahmet Mosque)

(Inside the Blue Mosque)

(Istanbul, Yeni Mosque)

(Istanbul, Basilica Cistern) 

(Turkish Delight)


Having left the commercial Istanbul, I was so happy to return to the quiet  life in Selcuk. The little village is famous for an archeological site nearby: Ephesus. -- Originally I was expected to explore Islamic art in Turkey, but I saw far more Roman ruins during the trip. Ephesus is said to be the best reserved Roman ruin in the Mediterranean region.

My interest in stones obviously was not high, even though they were two-thousand years old! What  attracted me is an intimate touch with these time-carved witness. When I lied down and looked up, the sky and stone arches suddenly showed a halo.  I remember S ever told me that human beings communication is often difficult or impossible, that's why we need to 'understand' the other.  Under-stand, seeing others higher than ourselves, then we could have respect and hence free our own ego.

(Selcuk, Efesus Temple) 


(Ephesus Archeological Site)



(Pamukkale Travertines)

Cats were everywhere in Roman ruins. They are the true masters of the history.

(Ruins of Hierapolis)

Antalya and around

(Antalya, Konyaalti Beach)

(Antalya, Kaleici)
(Perge, Hellenic-Roman Ruins)


(Side, Temples of Apollo and Athena)

Traveling is a relief. I can forget routine responsibilities and focus on each instant moment. Being myself, without conscious judgement. I didn't expect more difficulty waiting ahead right after I going back to NYC. Recalling these camera-recorded moments, I saw the girl growing up step by step, with more courage and strength, with more softness and kindness. I know even without Allah's guidance, she will make her own road one day. 


(Aspendos, Roman Theatre)

Photographed by Jennie Bai.
Copyright ©Jennie Bai. All Rights Reserved.

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