Saturday, August 1, 2009

闲居的日子 -- 生活在别处

Life is elsewhere.

The only path to get complete rest, I always think is to escape from routine. Say leave the city where I work and live. Chicago was, and New York now is such a city. Shopping, eating, and other activities all can temporarily rejuvenate me from working. Yet coming back to my place immediately reminds me of the next day's responsibility.

Escaping from New York, the idea has centered in my mind after a long time continuous intensive working. And I finally made it! This summer's journey is not engaged in traveling from place to place, but rather settling down at home without doing anything.

旅行的概念于我似乎总是和行走联系在一起。不停地走, 不停地看, 不停地行动。但这一次,我只是度假,呆在家里无为的静止的简单的过日子。这么多年好像都没有和爸妈连续地在一起这么长时间,说这么多话。也很久没有机会坐下来整理以前的文字。如今,每一天的日子简单到吃饭、睡觉、读书、散步、游泳⋯⋯




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Unknown said...

Nice picture. You looked relaxed, free, and beautiful.