Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cherry Blossom II

Sakura, together with the Japanese spirit it symbolizes, has a peculiar fascination on me. Sakura bloom in glowing color and then fall to the ground within a week. They are a reminder to many Japanese of mono no aware (物の哀れ), a Buddhist concept that recognizes the impermanence of life. Last year I recorded moments (see Cherry Blossom I) of cherry blossom in the daylight, 観桜, while I hope to complement the image with cherry blossom illuminated at nights, which has a special word in Japanese called Yozakura 夜桜.

Ideally, night cherry blossom is a poem of blossom AND light. Imagine thousands of white and pink pedals wafting like snowflakes through the light of the moon and red lanterns... for example, the image below from Hirosaki Park, Japan. Or you can feel the scene from a video on YouTube.

(Source: Google Image by searching "Yozakura")

Unfortunately, immigrated culture no longer keeps its original essence. In Washington DC, there are no light in any famous cherry blossom spot. My wish fell through. However, the immigrated culture absorbs new energy from the American spirit. Along the Tidal Basin near the Monument, I have seen beautiful smiling faces and felt easily contagious cheerful mood.

If you had not or couldn't view the cherry blossom by yourself, let the wind bring you my sincere Spring wishes!

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Photographed by Jennie Bai.
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