Saturday, August 30, 2008

My European Trip 9 -- Cologne

在科隆的每个傍晚,我会点一瓶啤酒。然后微醉地沿着莱茵河畔 走回旅馆。 夕阳洒在身上,暖暖的。 -- 题记

The highlight of my trip in Cologne is the dusk. I used to order a different beer with dinner all three nights there. Then I would walk back to my hotel along the Rhine river, slightly drunk. The sun was still high at 8pm in the summer. Walking in the merry sunshine, I felt satisfied. Sometimes I lingered at the restaurant facing the Rhine, watching those happy people and innocent children.


Cologne Dom and Deutze bridge at the sunset

The hotel I lived was right beside the Cologne Cathedral. Wherever I went, I always first passed by this pointed architecture. Hence I got the chance to see her beauty from various angles.

The dom is simply tooooo high! I had to crawl forward to get her complete beauty.


Close-up of the statues on the side door.



The tower penetrates into the clouds. I named this photo "the Imagination of the Sky".


I am not an Christian, and have no religious faith. But I believe in the existence of an unknown invisible mighty power and a sincere heart. In this cathedral, I lit a candle for my mom and dad, as I always did in many trips. As the single daughter in the family, it's a great pity that I couldn't accompany them in the past ten years, though my heart is always with them.

The old town of Cologne (Altstadt) is composed of abundant narrow alleys, hiding in between are good bars and restaurants. This Italian restaurant is named "Pinocchio". Does it remind you of the wooden puppet whose nose grows whenever lying? ^_^ Another childhood happy memory.


Grinheads. All over the old town you see them on the facades of old houses, those grisly stone masks called "Grinkopfe". In medieval times they served a practical purpose where their lower jaw should be a hole to hold the pole over which a rope was thrown. By means of this simple mechanism barrels and heavy weights were heaved into the cellars.


Outside Great St. Martin's church you will meet Tünnes and Schäl -- well-known Kölsh characters. Tünnes (Kölsh for Tony) is a harmless good-natured fellow whose rural cunning should however not be underestimated. His big, fat nose shows signs of constant rubbing, as grabbing hold of it is supposed to bring luck. Schäl (Kölsh for squinting, but also meaning bad or nasty) is a shy old fox. He is even more workshy than Tünnes, full of bluster, and enjoys a drink and a good punch-up. He has a kind of love-hate relationship with Tünnes; in fact, neither can get by without the other.


The famous Chocolate Museum


Statue in the old market: a Boy and a Girl


Photographed by Jennie Bai.

Copyright ©Jennie Bai. All Rights Reserved.

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