Sunday, September 11, 2011

Epilogue - Aug 2011


Life is unpredictable.

(A corner in the old town of Riga, Latvia)

7:55pm on August 31, I was in an airplane overlooking the coast of New York with great gusto. It was a genuine feeling of coming back home, with joy in my finger, my hair and every DNA. Before the journey I couldn't foresee the happening of so many things within ten days, earthquake, hurricane, resign of Japan's Prime Minister, stock market slump, etc. Whatever news, they are merely words saw or heard on bus, in newspaper on my journey, seemingly orthogonal to my life. Only when they start to exert influence on me, I realize that anything could happen.

It was a journey of facing the music. For four days I got stranded at the Stockholm airport due to Hurricane Irene in New York and corresponding airport closure and delay. I ever lost my luggage from Riga to Stockholm. Let alone endless waiting in the line to reschedule flight with the airline company and travel agency. Whatever pains, it's these pains which shape my stamina, patience and gratitude. They like mirrors reflecting my weakness, temper, and impetuousness. I truly appreciate all the hardship.

(Self-portrait at the Modern Museum in Stockholm)

It was also a journey of self-exploration and a journey of understanding. The experience in Abisko changes from the initial disappointment (Abisko - 'Arctic' Adventure) to a second thought and a third memory. It's alpine flower and the solitude in hiking that enlighten me to connect pains in order to find happiness, the 'durch Leiden Freude.'

(at the Kumu Museum, Tallinn, Estonia)

I appreciate every unpredictable moment in life.

一世荣辱, 一树花开,盛衰随喜.

Photographed by Jennie Bai.
Copyright ©Jennie Bai. All Rights Reserved.

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