Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My European Trip 18 -- Idyllic Life

我住在卢瓦河谷的一座农庄里,仿佛是在Tuscany。 房间的陈设,--雕花的书桌,五斗橱,壁炉, 一切都是老式的,却带着说不出的亲切。推开窗户,花园中淡雅的香气扑面而来。单这味道,就带给人一天的好心情。


-- 题记

My dear friend,

Life is idyllic.

I wish you could be here, taking in this cool fresh air filled with bird notes and scents of flowers. I wish you could be here, enjoying a relaxed happiness with me. Here, with me...

After a long day's trip, I came back to the lodging, jaded and longing for a comfortable bed. Well, I found more than a superb bed. But a Tuscany guesthouse! The lodging was renovated from an old simple chateau. The interior decoration was old-fashioned but amiable: carved cabinet, flowering wallpapers, neat white curtains and cozy bathroom. I am sure you would love here as well, wouldn't you?


I got up as early as birds today, strolling in the garden. The whole lodging quietly reveled in the dawn. Unspeakable aroma filled the air. The smell alone brought me mounting happiness. Every breath cheered up to each nerve ending.

(The courtyard)

(A dialogue with absent lovers)

(More often I was represented only by my shadow. If you were here, this photo would rather clearly display my smile. You know it, that my smiles are so shining that they could even melt ice. )

Now I was sitting in front of the window and writing to you. My mind was teeming with gratitude. How blessed I am to have known you as my dear friend all these years! Particularly, how grateful I am to have you in mind at this very moment to share joy and peace. My meditation teacher ever said that goodwills vibrate through the air and will eventually arrive at whoever you devote feelings to. Have you conceived my feelings at this moment?

(I was writing letters on this table)

You know, my friend, you'd better not spending too much time in tours in the Loire Valley. It's a good base, but it's the countryside that counts. Not far from my lodging were French villages and flower fields. Here and there, you could see beautiful beautiful sunflowers. I dived into the sunflower field, holding my camera like a dancing monkey. The whole world shrank to these golden yellow colors in front of me. Van Gogh, -- I cannot help thinking of him once again as I did so many times in my trip.




An integral component of my idyllic life in the Loire Valley is genuine French food. So much here, on and around the plates, speaks of the place and its traditions. I would love to recommend a restaurant, La Licorne, which claims "la table est un art desert". A handsome waiter patiently explained to me the French menu for about twenty minutes last night. And the resulting dish was .... You cannot imagine my expressions, completely satisfied with each bite. Well, you see, this was my dessert. Beautiful, isn't it?


Do you now feel a little bit pity for not traveling with me? Never mind! I have stored the sunshine of the Loire Valley in my heart; I have sealed the aroma of the garden in my memory. And I am now writing all the happiness on the paper to share with you, my dear friend!

Be Happy!

With Mettā


Photographed by Jennie Bai.

Copyright ©Jennie Bai. All Rights Reserved.

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